Toys for 8 Year Old Girl – Best Gift Ideas

Shopping and buying for the amazing and perfect toys for a little old one can be sometimes tricky and tough. Girls have their own interests. They perhaps change their interests rapidly. Sometimes you can’t decide what’s good or not. I’m going to help you by providing a list of cool toys for 8 year old girl that your little doll will adore for sure. 

Best 11 Ideas of Toys for 8 Year Old Girl

Below you are going to find a large range of amazing toys and gifts. It ranges from girl scooters, makeup boxes, jewelry items and many more. These toys will definitely suit 8 year little angels and to the ones who are around this age as well.

1 – Spa deluxe Toy Set

This toy set is a perfect gift for the little dolls who just fond to get a cool occasional pamper. This is basically a pedicure and manicure set for girls who get their nails done with the help of this little beautiful kit. They can use the nail dryer on their nails once they are done with their nails. It is actually a fun activity that little girls enjoy and love to do. Girls also play this activity with their best friends and can enjoy “Day at a SPA.” Girls can pamper their friends with the pedicure. All painted nails and numbers of sparkling color polishes are nontoxic. It includes a spa party ideas pamphlet.

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

2 – GoldieBlox Craft Struction Box

GoldieBlox Craft Struction Box is inspired by the artist and architecting your young builder. It challenges your little one to build different structures and creatures. It comes with digital access to multiple instruction videos. This toy for 8 years old girl helps her to develop spatial skills and is compatible with all GoldieBlox sets. Some little pieces are sometimes difficult to connect but playing with this box is full of fun and joy.

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

3 – Body and Nail Shimmer Studio 

This is the perfect toy for 8 years old girl because girls love these kinds of kits. Girls can use these kits to make different tattoos and can also do stylish nail arts. They can also make different hair bands with the help of this kit. This little studio has different sections to store the accessories safely. This kit has a variety of different nail colors. Girls can design their nails and tattoos according to their choice. This little studio has a separate drawer for storing little stones for nail art. 

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

4 – Mattel my Password Journal

It is an ideal gift for young little girls. It is something that they can cherish for years to come. This unlocks only when correct secret password is spoken so your girl can considerably write her real thoughts and feelings with an invisible ink pen and a customizable intruder alert message. However, it fails to recognize the password sometimes.

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

5 – American Girl Be Forever Sketch Portfolio

It includes different styles of clothes and it’s an amazing toy for 8 year old girl who enjoy experimenting with fashion. It includes removable clothes so that a girl can go to portfolio store and dress the American girl according to her choice. It’s full of fun and new creations. It comes with stickers for embellishment. There’s equipment with inspirational design guide and its fun for older kids too but the stencil set is limited. 

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

6 – Makey Makey Invention Kit

It’s the best toy for 8 year old girl who is interested in science and electronics can make different inventions with the help of this kit. This kit doesn’t require any software to download and it’s compatible with Macs and PCS. However, the instructions could be clearer. 

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

7 – My Fairy Garden 

It’s an amazing toy for the little girls who are interested in “how to grow plants.” It consisted of every little thing that is required to grow a beautiful and magical fairy garden. The plant seeds will take some time and start growing after few days of planting. The beautiful flowers will grow in 7-9 weeks and you have to make sure that your little one has to be patient. It includes many tools that are used to look after the magical little garden.

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

8 – LEGO Private Jet

This toy for 8 year old girl is full of fantasy. It’s super realistic. It might be a good addition to any lego city and the interior components are removable. The pieces of private jet fix together securely. 

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

9 – Girls Beads Set

This is indeed the most attractive toys for 8 year old girl who love making and wearing jewelry. This amazing set includes 25 different stylish beads of different shapes and sizes as well. Each bead shape is securely stored in the plastic compartmentalized drawer. This kit includes more than 1000 beads pieces and also there’s a variety of different color threads to line the beads on. Girls can make hair bows, pins, necklaces, bracelets and many more things with the help of this kit.

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

10 – Shopkins makeup Spot

This cosmetic bag comes with two shopkins and the coolest toy for 8 year old girl. It includes a powder compact and an application brush. There’s also ample space for additional shopkins and the stool nests in counter for storage. It has basically 9 pieces in total. This makeup set is loved by girls. It also includes different shades of artificial pink lip colors, a baby pink blush on, a hair brush and many more artificial makeup things. 

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl - Best Gift Ideas

11 – Crayola Inspiration 

Crayola Inspiration is a creative chance to color things according to your own choice and taste. There is a case loaded with more than one hundred and fifty well-organized crayons, markers and pencils. Girls can draw a masterpiece with the help of this case. The markers are washable for easy cleanup. The case contains huge range of shades. 

Toys for 8 Year Old Girl

These are the best eleven ideas of toys for 8 year old girls. Little girls love to explore this kind of stuff in their own little world.