Top 10 Best Building Toys For Kids

Looking for some cool building toys for kids which you can gift them on their upcoming birthday as a surprise? However, you are confused because you don’t want to spend your money on some random stuff but want it to be both creative and educational toys?

Well, if that’s the case then here is a list of 10 Best Building Toys for your kids which you will definitely love and would not hesitate to buy. These toys will not only provide fun but will also work as a creative educational tool for your children.

In order to know more, read this article till the end. We will discuss these toys one by one.


The first one on our list is a LEGO BOOST CREATIVE TOOLBOX which is not only educational but is also a fun building toy for kids. This is a Robot Building Set and not just any ordinary one, instead it is an award-winning STEM toy. This is perfect for your little one if you want to make him/her introduced to the world of coding and programming. 

This set contains around 847 Lego pieces from which at least five different multifunctional models can be created. This cute kids’ set helps your kid in boosting his IQ abilities.

Best Building Toys


Our second toy in the list of our best building toys is called, ‘Clics Toys Rollerbox’. This is another toy which should be a must have in your kid(s)’ toy box.  

 This box contains 800 pieces which is just an ideal play toy for your children to play with. Not only does this provide your kids with fun and education, it also works as a therapy toy occasionally. Other than that, this set of 800 pieces toys box are perfect for your building or refining the motor skills of the children. 

You won’t regret buying this set ever. 

Best Building Toys


Well, here comes our third toy box. This is another STEM learning toy for your child which comes with a manual instruction book where your kid can make his/her own toy after reading the instructions.

This is a classic building kit which will allow your child to bring the little engineer out of him. This set allows your little one to explore many areas of STEM and makes him a pro in problem solving and logical reasoning. 

Perfect for play time. 

Best Building Toys


Want to make your kids’ playtime more thrilling and adventurous? Then buy them this Lego’s friends rescue mission boat which will make them go all crazy over this set. 

These 908 pieces of set is perfect for your child to play with where s/he can explore the adventurous treasure box. This is for kids who are 7 years old. 

Not only that you can build this boat, instead, but you can also actually make it more creative by building these together with the other sets of Lego and this, in return, can encourage your child to bring the best out of him. 

Best Building Toys

5) Lego Star Wars Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter

The fifth one in our list of kids’ eductional toys is, ‘Lego Star Wars Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter’. 

It is an ideal toy for your child if s/he has interest in space battle kind of stuff. This set offers your kid with the endless fun time.

It is 8cm in height with 32cm width. And this is for the children who are 9 years or above in age. 

Best Building Toys


This educational toy box is for the kids who are of 3 or more than 3 years in age.  This is ideally best for pre-schoolers as they can learn a lot whilst playing with these. 

This set comprises of 327 pieces and allows the children to create at least three building models. Playing with these is easy for children as it is designed basically for young kids who can hold and play with it. Best for developing child’s hand-eye coordination as well as for enhancing the motor and problem-solving skills. 

Best Building Toys


This Lego set is best suitable for kids between the age of 5 and 12 years. These 364 pieces will allow your child to make a private luxury plane as well as a limousine. Not only this, in fact, your child can make other characters out of these pieces as well alongside such as a businesswoman, a pilot, a worker, and a driver.

However, this is not recommended for kids who are under 3 years old. 

Best Building Toys


If your child is someone who is always intrigued about the things other than of this world then this is the probably going to make some of his dreams come true – partially at least, if not fully. 

This Lego comes with 6 minifigures i.e. astronauts, scientists, directors etc and is 42cm high, 11cm wide, and 6cm deep. 

Suitable for kids of age 7 or more than 7 years old. This has 837 pieces in it and is a NASA inspired Lego set. 

Best Building Toys

9) Magformers Smart Set

The ninth in our list of best building toys for kids is Magformers Smart Set. This set contains 144 pieces with 46 triangles, 44 squares, 12 pentagons, 4 super triangles, et cetera.

Perfect for kids who are above the age of three years old whilst underage kids should be kept away from it. 

This set basically contains magnet building pieces which is a perfect STEM Toy Set. 

Best Building Toys

10)  LEGO Police Station Building Toy

The last one in our list is a Lego Police Station Building Toy. Well, who doesn’t like those thrilling criminal and police things? Kids definitely love such adventurous things. 

Kids can create a police station as well as different other characters using the pieces. A police station in here is 24cm in height, 36cm in width, and 36cm in depth. 

Best Building Toys

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