Portable Bunk Beds | Top 11 Best Bunk Beds for Camping

Parents are tired of looking the comfortable sleeping solutions for their kids’ next over to themselves. The portable bunk beds are perfect for vacations and camping. It can be convenient for summer camps or about anywhere life may take you. A portable bunk bed mostly assembles in minutes. The zippered carry bag carries all the parts of the bunk bed for easy transportation and quick storage. You can also turn the bunk bed into the bench or even two single beds within a minute, even your kids can do this. Here’s a list of top 11 bunk beds. 

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with Organizers 

Portable Bunk Beds

Your kid will definitely love this kid-o-bunk. It’s great for kids on the go considering that it offers a mobile sleep and seeding solutions. Moreover, you don’t need tools to assemble it. This means that your kid will be able to use it immediately as they get it. The parts of these kinda portable bunk beds come packed and stored in two convenient bags.

The bags are zippered so that they can provide secure storage and they are made of polyester for superior durability. They make the transporting of bunk bed much easier than anticipated.  The bunk bed is super strong, compact and portable. You will find it handy for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The sleeping area of this bunk bed is made up of high grade polyester area and offers great comfort.

You will not need to buy a mattress when you have this type of bed. In addition, the frame of the bunk bed is well made so your kids can sleep with peace of mind knowing that the bed will support their weights. The frame is made of west proved powdered coated steel and because of such great quality, each part of the bunk bed can lift more than 200 pounds. It comes with two side organizers where you can put essentials for easy access. The bunk comes in four colors i.e. navy, red, green and teal blue. 

Disc-O-Bed Large with Organizers

Portable Bunk Beds

This Disc-O-Bed Large is designed for adults. This means you can buy it for great convenient sleep time.  These portable bunk beds has a large sleeping area. The bunk bed has a capacity of 500 pounds hence it can work for adults. It’s very easy to set up because it has a parented disc which totally eliminates the need of assembling tools.

It also features more discs system which conveniently fits together as well as disassembling effortlessly. This bunk bed comes with a compact green bag where you can store it after disassembling it. Another feature that has made consider a bunk bed is steel system that helps and enhance durability especially when the bunk bed is set up on ground even. You will sleep soundly on this bed. This bunk bed can be used as a bench on a camping trip. Its sleeping surface is made up of polyester fabric for incredible durability and its frame is made up of tough steel that makes it super strong to make you sleeping easy in all of your travels.

The two organizers that come up with this bunk bed features pockets that provide you with a convenient place to keep all of your personal belongings. The organizers easily attached with the sleepy decks which means that your belongings can be always an easy reach. The bunk bed is available in three different colors i.e. navy, black and green. 

Disc-O-Bed XL 

Portable Bunk Beds

Portable bunk beds are the perfect option for places with limited spaces that’s why I just love to introduce this particular bed. It is compact, strong and portable. It will provide you all the good qualities for the perfect piece of sleeping for this reason.

The bunk disassembles quickly to ensure that you are able to focus more than enjoying the comfort it has to offer and less storing it away once you are done storing it. That’s not enough, this bunk bed comes with two polyester zippered carry bags. It only weighs 66 pounds which means it’s extremely easy to carry out. The lightweight construction, however, doesn’t mean its flimsy. It can carry up to 500 pounds.  The bunk bed also features two side organizers that can keep your important stuff with a super-easy reach. Since it’s for both indoor and outdoor use, you’ll find it best for night use as well and camping in the backcountry.

It comes with a step by step assembling instruction list and parenting disc to further make the assembling process much easier. The sleeping area of this bunk bed is made up of high and fine grade polyester stuff that will confirm the shape of your body. The sleeping portable bunk bed has an oversized sleeping surface area of 79 inches long and 35 inches wide. So it can offer optimum comfort which in return results in better night rests. The bunk comes in two colors i.e. black and green with organizers. It’s built with ultimate convenience. 

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot Bunk Bed

Portable Bunk Beds

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot Folding Sleeping Bed is a portable bunk bed that has four doors or you can call it four entry points. Every entry point has one pocket on the top where you can put your necessary accessories. There are two poles on the upper side of this bed. You can have a sound sleep inside this bed. This bed weighs more than 400 pounds. The bunk bed fabric is made up of fine polyester. It’s perfect for car camping. It’s super easy to set this bunk bed. It hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes. The rods are made up of steel. The bunk comes in 2 colors i.e. green and navy. 

Alvantor Conopy Portable Bunk Bed

Portable Bunk Beds

Everyone needs a private space to have a great sleep. This Alvantor canopy portable bunk beds can provide nice privacy and an excellent space for sleeping. If your kids having anxiety, this bed will give you better sleep during nap and bedtime. It has 3 shocked fiberglass poles and a zipped mess window on head and foot. It has pop up flexible ribs. This is laundry washable. It has zipped doors on both sides. It has convenient storage pockets inside. This is a new version of a bunk bed with two sides’ entrance doors. It’s the whole floor so that mattress won’t slip. It has a light-blocking fabric that reduces any unwanted blackout. It also has a breathable fabric that allows great airflow from both windows. There’s no need to attach a bed frame with this bunk bed. It comes up with two colors i.e. grey and green.

Blantex Bunk Beds with 4″ Foam Mats

Portable Bunk Beds

It comes in a category of portable bunk beds that gives you peace of mind while sleeping and very sound sleep. Two to three persons can sleep on this bed. This bed can carry more than 200 pounds of weight. The rods of the bunk bed is made up of very high-quality steel. It’s basically called army-style bunk-able beds. It gives you comfort. You have to buy a mattress for this blantex bunk bed because it’s not included. It requires 4 inches long mattress. Bed has a high-quality black paint finish. It is 30 inches wide and 75 inches long. This is 15 inches high from the floor. Its total height is 54 inches. The parts of the bunk bed are easy to assemble. The corners are properly welded and polished. 

Alpcour Folding Camping Cot

Portable Bunk Beds

The Alpcour Folding Camping Cot is the ultralight weight. It allows you to rest and relax anywhere when you are at outdoor vacations. It is portable. This can hold up to 300 pounds and the premium polyester fabric is soft breathable, double-layered and water-resistant. The camping cot opens and fits away in seconds. The camping cot comes with pillow and ankle support. There’s a side pocket to store your things. It has one carry bag for easy support and it gives you a year guaranty as well. 

Alvantor Mosuito Net Bed

Portable Bunk Beds

 It has four large gates for easy in and easy out. It has easy access from all four sides. This is an upgraded 2-in-1 bed tent patent-pending construction. It has no collapse, no bends, no leans off, no unstable and no mental frame and no ripped. 

Popup flexible ribs frame make it easiest assembly and lightest sleeping tent on the market, only 4 ribs. It can be used with your existing mattress. It has an innovative design. Durable pop up flexible ribs and fiberglass rods help these portable bunk beds to keep its shape stable. 4 large windows provide excellent ventilation. Zipped doors on both sides allow it quickly. Light hanging top is convenient. The privacy curtain is washable clean and easy to store.

It’s easy to set up and takedown.  It has a compact portable carrying bag. This bed provides excellent air ventilation. High-density mesh not only can prevent you from mosquitoes and insects but also provides better sleeping and nap time. You can create a private space anywhere and spill large rooms like dorms and barracks into private suites. This bed is complete satisfaction. 

Alvantor Starlight Bed Canopy

Portable Bunk Beds

When you host a play date for your kids or have a birthday party in your backyard or some park, you need a big place to hold all the stuff. Alvantor Starlight Bed Canopy comes in a category of portable bunk beds which can be used as a play tent and bed tent as well. The tent can be used for a private place, rest, play, read and dream.

This tent has a capacity of 46 kids. The dark color is used for light blocking. A door on the head keeps the airflow. High-quality fabric is breathable and soft. In the Alvantor Starlight Bed Canopy, you can also play with your child or you can read a story for him as well. You can do whatever you want. Both poles are made with extra fine steel quality.

It has a polyester carry bag as well. It is easy to assemble and you can fix it in a few minutes. This has a star on its fabric which makes it unique.  In this little tent, your kids can play for hours which gives you some time for relaxation.

SLEEPLACE Tri-Folding Memory Foam Bunk Bed 

Portable Bunk Beds

SLEEPLACE Tri-Folding Portable Bunk Beds are multilayer 1.5 in Dura 1 Gel foam.  It is so much easy to fold and store up in a closet when not in use. It has a polyester jacquard cover. This has multiple uses. It has a washable cover and has a proper zipper bag. It has a non-moving bottom and a systemic cover. This comes in two colors i.e. grey and blue. It’s an ideal option for visitors, car trips and camping. It has a portable and flexible mattress which causes no pain in neck and back. People can have a soothing sleep on it. it gives you a lot of comfort level. One person can sleep on it. It can carry 200 pounds weight. It’s a Tri-Folding Memory Foam who has a very high-quality fabric. 

Breathable Folding Bed

Portable Bunk Beds

It’s another type of portable bunk beds which allows you to have a sound sleep. It has a high-quality cotton fabric. This can carry more than 600 pounds. It has a good wood board which allows you to balance support. This is unique and comfortable. It is easy to carry and move as well. It is durable. This is easy to assemble. It can be fit at different locations. This has a factor of flexibility. It is easy to clean and can be washed easily. Bed comes up with strong rods that can carry a lot of weight. It comes up with many colors i.e. black, blue, etc.  

These portable bunk beds are very easy to carry. You can go out to outdoor locations and can do camping.