Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 | 10 Top Pickups

I’m going to let you know about the best guitars in a certain price range. If you guys are looking at 1000$ to 2000$ price range then this is a very competitive price range and I’ll give you a list of top 10 picks of best acoustic guitar under 2000. You guys must be looking at guitars that you can carry easily. When you are going to look at the list then you will get to know that the criteria are quite easy.

You will definitely love the guitar and will think to own that one. Sometimes when you want to be a guitarist, you find quite a difficulty in finding the best guitar. I personally try to avoid those things that are limited edition although they are cool guitars but if that’s a limited one and widely available, I wouldn’t pick that one because it wouldn’t do that much good, trust me. I’m going to share Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 fresh range list that you should go for. Each guitar is a high-quality instrument. 

Top 10 Picks of Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 

I’m going to start with above 1000$ guitar that I have and so on. 

Cordoba C10 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

best acoustic guitar under 2000

The reason that I like this guitar in a certain price range is that they represent a huge value in a solid wood Casco Guitar that is implacably well made. The CD means a solid cedar top, the IN means a solid Indian Rosewood back/sides. There is also a C10 SP/IN which has a solid spruce top and solid Indian Rosewood back/sides.

It’s all features that are crafted in China. It comes with a case which is a kind of Polly foam zipper case. This is an East Indian rose from back and sides. It is typical Casco construction. It is not a flat fingerboard. This guitar has a Casco neck. This guitar has no electronics. The nice thing in Cordoba C10 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar is that you don’t really need to change neck which is good for the initial setup and the life of the guitar. Although it has brilliant aspects of rosewood Casco Guitar. It has a strong pace. It is not the Parlor or Crossover model.

If you have a cedar top-up, you will have a greater response and a light touch. This will allow creating a bit more volume. You can adjust the tabulation on the high end. This is the Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000.

Size of Cordoba C10 CD/IN Guitar

The overall length is 991mm (39″), Body Width & Length: 290mm (11.4″) at upper bout, 370mm (14.6″) at lower bout; Body Depth: 95mm (3.7″) at upper bout, 97mm (3.8″) at lower bout. These measurements are pretty standard for a classical guitar and that is smaller than a dreadnought.

  • It builds a soothing beautiful tune.
  • Quality used in this guitar is very high which makes its performance better.
  • The body shape is very much attractive.
  • The shape of Guitar may be not satisfying for all guitarists.
  • This guitar doesn’t have electronics.

Carbon Fiber Collapsible OF660O1M Acoustic Guitar

best acoustic guitar under 2000

This is a matte carbon fiber travel Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000. If you are not familiar with journey instruments, they have some cool and compelling products specifically for people on a journey through who are traveling. When you take off the back neck by pushing the button there on guitar, you didn’t break the guitar; it’s their design to do that.

The idea behind these is that they have a body of the guitar with a cut shape so that you can easily remove the guitar neck and pack it easily and can carry anywhere you want to. It has a great sound. It comes with a gig bag that fits in the compartment. That’s why it is also called an overhead guitar. The guitar comes to set up with a fairy high saddle, but there’s an extra shorter one that comes in the accessories. If you swap the two, then the action becomes significantly lower and for me is quite easy to play and has a good neck feel. I normally play higher-end steel-string guitars. It’s extremely rugged. It’s detachable, a really fantastic travel guitar.

This guitar will likely be a little stiffer than a good nylon string guitar. It has a 24.5-inch scale. It can access to 20 frets. Its design is Manzer Wedge. It can be detached in seconds. It has steel strings. The soundboard is durable. It is sustainable. It weighs 18 pounds. This is the glossy black carbon fiber OF660 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000. 

Size of Carbon Fiber Collapsible OF660O1M 

  • Its dimensions are 18 x 7 x 42 inches.
  • It creates a very good tone.
  • It has a good pickup system.
  • The design is very distinctive.
  • This guitar is not suitable for everyone.
  • Sapele is medium not particularly high.

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Cutaway

best acoustic guitar under 2000

The Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Cutaway is the Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000. It has durability which it has been known for. The quality sound it produces is so attractive and soothing. You get a hard showcase with this guitar. The same case comes up with 300 series up the guitar. The top case of this guitar features laminated coat construction on the back and sides. You can get the same guitar with rosewood and sunburst. It has an all set up version with a gig bag that will save your bit of money as well. I personally think that the gloss body and the case are well worth charge. It has 6 numbers of strings. The top wood of Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Cutaway is made up of Sitka Spruce. 

Size of Taylor 214ce Deluxe Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000

The scale length is 25-1/2″””, Body Length: 20″”, Width: 16″”, Depth: 4-5/8″”, and Neck Width: 1-11/16″”

  • It has features of electronics.
  • It’s all solid.
  • It has metal strings.
  • It’s preferable for bluegrass players.
  • The bracing focuses on midrange.
  • Every guitarist may not prefer this.
  • Cutaway is not easy to handle for everyone.

Taylor 250ce Deluxe Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Black

best acoustic guitar under 2000

It comes in a solid black color top. It gives you that nice midrange that covers sound with some bite on the cover side. This just looks fantastic with the edge burst. Like the 214 version, 250 versions come in all glass, same electronics, and beautiful hard showcase. It’s a definite compelling guitar. I not only own the Taylor 250ce Deluxe Electric Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 but many people choose to own this one because of its amazing features and color. You can feel the spruce and cover the top difference in this guitar. It has a Lutz Spruce Top. This guitar has 12 strings. It has ES-2 Electronics. It has Maple Back Sides. This guitar has Hard Rock Maple Neck and Ebony Fingerboard. It’s a great choice for guitar lovers. 

  • The 12 strings produce a good quality sound.
  • It gives extra high sound end.
  • It is easy to create your preffered sound tone
  • This guitar is not loved by everyone.
  • The tone may not be ideal for some guitarists.

Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

best acoustic guitar under 2000

If you are not familiar with 15 series then it is series of all solid wood US build Mahogany guitars. I personally like all of them. There are less expensive options for this. This happens to be my favorite in the entire line up of Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000.

This one was made in Nazareth, PA, the Martin Guitar Factory. It gives you a good midrange and a thick solid body. All of these guitars feature a solid and fine finish. It has very simple looks as compare to other guitars. I love the way it sounds, the way it plays, and the way it fits my body. It’s incredibly light which the first thing that you will notice is.

It’s the best compelling option. A lot of professional cats play this guitar. It may not be in the standard 2 series. This guitar should be looked at because it’s a fantastic one. It has a very good pitch of the sound. It includes a Martin hard-shell case. The body is 000 12-Frets. It’s a Non-cutaway guitar. The top side is Genuine Mahogany. It’s a Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000.

  • It produces an ideal sound.
  • The mahogany body is attractive.
  • It appeals many players.
  • It can be played easily in live situations.
  • It has a balanced tone.
  • It is tricky to handle for some players.
  • The mahogany color is not preferred by everyone.
  • Some people don’t prefer light weight guitars.

Cordoba C12 CD Acoustic Nylon String Modern Classical Guitar

best acoustic guitar under 2000

It is available with a cedar top which is the CD designation and the spruce top is also a part of it. The Cordoba C12cd is the Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 whose limited edition is not available in the market but you can buy the standard edition. It looks incredible with the maple binding. It has a flame maple wedge at the back which looks beautiful. This guitar has some unique aspects. Many guitars don’t give this much quality features in this price range but if you take a look at Cordoba C12 CD Acoustic Nylon String Modern Classical Guitar side, you will see that it gives you a fingerboard which means the neck of the guitar is continuing under the fingerboard all the way up to the soundhole.


It ensures that the flat board is straight all the way so it doesn’t have a hump at the side of soundhole which many guitars have. It’s because the neck is running under the fingerboard for that link. The other finger does is by elevating up of the fingerboard which helps you to make some of the finger notes without a cutaway that’s above the 12 frets. The elevation helps to make notes of your choice a little bit better. It’s a design that has a lot of good features that has been cooperating over the years. It’s kind of a deluxe option. It also gives the neck a negative angle down to the bridge and changes the tonality and the entire setup of the guitar.

This guitar has a Spanish construction. It transfers the vibrations to the body as well. Instead of fan bracing, this guitar has lotus bracing. Braces are vertically and horizontally on the top of the guitar. This is the Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 that plays really well. 

  • It builds a unique sound.
  • It creates aesthetic touches.
  • It’s very versatile.
  • It has unique styles.
  • It’s pretty traditional for Casco guitars.
  • It let you focus on sound beats quickly.
  • It doesn’t have electronics.
  • You can’t plug in and play in this.
  • This guitar doesn’t produce warmer tones.
  • This guitar is not easily handled by everyone.

Cordoba 55FCE Acoustic-Electric Thin body Flamenco Guitar

best acoustic guitar under 2000

It has an acoustic tone but it is really made to thrive the tone easily. It can be plugged in with any group you have. If you want to play this guitar on stage then trust me it’s the best option. This fish made the Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 has a prefix blend system in here. It’s fantastic and very comfortable. It has flamed maple back and sides it has a thin body depth. It’s a great form of an eliminated model. This guitar back and side walls are of rosewood.

This is a very great guitar model in the standard edition. It comes in a beautiful hum case which is an archtop case built-in unifier. This Cordoba 55FCE Acoustic-Electric Thin Body Guitar has a great acoustic sound and fantastic playability. It’s a well-playing flamingo. It’s very comfortable and produces soothing sounds. It gives you a high standard pitch. This guitar has a solid European spruce top. It is Handmade in Spain. 

Size of Cordoba 55FCE Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000  

It weighs 3.75 pounds. Its dimensions are 2.8 x 38.3 x 14.5 inches. This has a 1 9V batteries which are required for charging. 

  • It gives you incredible variety of sounds.
  • It has different tonal options.
  • It produces acoustic tones.
  • It produces distinctive sounds easily.
  • This guitar may not be ideal for every guitarist.
  • It doesn’t have a high quality back.

Taylor 314ce-N Sapele 

best acoustic guitar under 2000

This is a hybrid guitar from Taylor. It’s a US-made and one of the Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000. It features V class bracing. Also, It’s a compelling option because it has the new bracing. It has the same attention, detailed quality, and finish that much more expensive guitars have. It has durability. The strings are of metal.  It is a lesson from 2000$. This guitar has a more improved tone. It has a volume which you can increase and decrease according to your need. It looks great. This Taylor 314ce-N model has a cuscus top. It has Sapele Back and Sides. It has much-improved inlay layer. The Pickup system is fantastic. It gives you a very natural sound.

In Addition, It has a really great value. Taylor has continued to improve and refine the quality of guitars over the years. It has an outstanding stage presence as well. 

  • It’s a great choice for folks.
  • It has a classic look.
  • It has more focus on midrange.
  • It has a minimalist look.
  • It can produce different tones.
  • It is easy to tackle.
  • Some players don’t prefer these kinds of guitars.
  • Some don’t prefer fret access.
  • Some may find difficulty in handling the guitar.

Avian Skylark 4A Acoustic Guitar

best acoustic guitar under 2000

This is the Best Acoustic Guitar under 2000 manufactured in the UK. It sounds pretty awesome. This is a futuristic-looking guitar. There’s a soundhole up on the top with a beautiful cutaway. It is a skylark deluxe.  It’s very comfortable for open tuning. It has a very comfortable neck which is not too thick or too thin. There’s a full cutaway on the top as well. It has a good grip as well. This looks like a guitar which we find in Hollywood guitar shows.

Furthermore, This pickup a volume tone quickly right underneath the soundhole. The fingerboard is positioned very well. It’s a basic song rider deluxe. There’s a standard version in this edition as well. There’s a demy cutaway. This Avian Skylark 4A Acoustic Guitar is for more modern players. It sounds great in a room. It has a very cool modern tone. 

  • It produces distinctive tones.
  • It is easy to play.
  • It gives incredible sound options.
  • It can produce soothing sound.
  • Model is not ideal for every guitarist.
  • It’s expensive for some people.
  • It doesn’t have a solid top.

Avian Songbird 4A Acoustic Guitar

best acoustic guitar under 2000

It’s a reasonable Best Acoustic Guitar under 2000. It comes up with a lot of features. A traveling musician needs this kind of guitar. It sounds very good. This can handle all the different weather situations. It plays smoothly. These days it’s very difficult to find a guitar that comforts the body and all other things as well. It’s a high end and low-end factory guitar. This is called a songbird guitar. It’s in mahogany color. It has a surpass top.

Back and side walls are a bone nut. There’s a demy cutaway. It is incredibly constructed. You can look inside and will be able to know that everything inside is well sorted. It is made by handmade. They have a flat fingerboard. It’s solid wood construction. Its finish is quite cool. Also, It can be easily setup when you get out of the box. It has a gloss finish. It’s back & sides are made up of Indian Rosewood. Sitka Spruce material is used for the top. 

  • It produces a beautiful mellow tone.
  • It is build beautifully.
  • It has a flat fingerboard.
  • The body shape is very ideal.
  • It can produce typical tones.
  • It’s a good choice for guitarists.
  • The demy shape doesn’t favored by everyone.
  • It doesn’t have a wide midrange.
  • Some players may not like this guitars tone.


Here is the list of Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000. When you are shopping for guitars; you probably should start with a budget. Buyer should start with the idea that what do you want. You will probably find that what you desired. Furthermore, these are top 10 pickups for very compelling guitars in the price range of 1000$ to 2000$. All these guitars produce quality sounds and make the environment soothing and cool. Besides, If you want a nice tonewood combination then you should go for these pickups.

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